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Page 0 The first female in the human history. In Taiwan, the civilization. “Life was given to us a million years ago. What have we done with it?”

Page 98 Ron and Eve fight over Rayon. After Eve reads the study Ron gives him, Eve breaks down while hanging Ron's picture and orders her nurse to give her patient minimum AZT dosage. Meanwhile, Ron continues to face trouble from the government.

Page 77The detective protects Vincent from being further investigated but he investigates Vincent himself. Although Irene warns Vincent to go home, the detective asks Irene to pay him a visit at his home.(EVERYTHING IS PHYSICALLY LOST)

Page 48 According to Lucy’s information, the men who smuggles drugs are arrested by the police.

Page 63 Ron poses as a doctor to smuggle drugs into US. But he feels not well at the airport again and is taken to the hospital where he refuses to be treated with AZT and the FDA guy has confiscated his drugs. And Eve is instructed to tell her patients to stay away from the club although she thinks that the club is actually helping. (RISE OF THE ANTAGONIST)

Page 41Jerome is drunk and confesses to Vincent that it was not an accident that caused his disability. It was a suicide attempt. (THE TWO BOYS START TOCONNECT BY CONFESSING THE MOST INTIMATE SECRET)

Page 30 Lucy goes to a hospital to get the package out of her stomach. During the operation, she calls his mother telling her feelings of her elevated brain function. Then the doctor explains to her what CPH4 is.

Page 8 Ron wakes up in the hospital after he tries to fix a machine after insisting on calling the ambulance for his illegal coworker. (SAVES A CAT)

Page 69As Jerome is busy preparing the genetic samples for Vincent, Vincent is with Irene at the restaurant, who envies his perfect gene. Just as Vincent wants to kiss Irene, the detectives come to check the population. So Vincent has no choice but to beat the detectives and flee with Irene.(EVERYTHING IS PHYSICALLY LOST WHEN VINCENT IS CORNERED)

Page 53 Lucy wakes up at the hospital and when the police is trying to arrest her, she puts everybody into sleep and empties the gun of the detective, who freaks out by her superpowers. When Lucy intercepts the phone call of the Korea boss, she drives like crazy to the police station as the Korea mob already is taking the drugs from the mules.

Page 82 Ron helps his cop friend with Altimer's desease. At the same time, the gay couple gives Ron a house for free so that he can help more people from the support group. (FINAL PUSH FROM GAY COUPLE)

Page 67After the detectives are frustrated with not being able to find the invalid after the tests of vein blood, they start to suspect the mission director.

Page 27 Lucy is lucid and knows exactly what to do with her body and life. During the breakout of the prison, she is hit by a bullet, but she no longer feels the pain.

Page 78 FDA officer and police come to his office and confiscates all of Ron's medications. Ron is so furious that he applies for restraining order against the government. (EVERYTHING IS LOST)

Page 30The day of the interview. Panic of Vincent. They were almost out of valid urine. They have made a last conscious decision of switching identities. And the interview was nothing but testing blood. Vincent passes. (THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THEIR EFFORT: THE PANICKING MOMENTS BEFORE THE INTERVIEW)


Page 88 Ron goes to see Eve asking for her prescription. Although she agrees with Ron about FDA, she won't do what he asks for either.

Page 73The detective calls Vincent’s name and although Irene starts to suspect his identity, she kisses and makes love with him anyway.(EVERYTHING IS EMOTIONALLY LOST AS HIS IDENTITY IS EXPOSED BOTH FROM THE DETECTIVE AND THE GIRL)Irene asks Vincent about the scar on his legs, and although he gives her a theory, she doesn’t buy it.

Page 25 Morgan talks about what the human can do with 20% of the brain: controlling one’s own body. At 40%, one will be able to control others.

Page 35 Ron checks out of the hospital and go home to get all the money he has. He wanted to kill himself but he still manages to find the doctor in Mexico with no license, who tells him that AZT is actually bad for the patients. (PHYSICAL CHANGE OF PLAN)


Page 80 Written and Directed by Luc Besson

Page 22 Ron is rejected by his friends after worlds gets around that he's got HIV and people thinks that he is a homosexual. (NEW DESPERATE SITUATION FOR RON)

Page 9Flashback about Vincent’s Past. How he was born, and how bad his gene was determined by the doctor. His difficulty during childhood because of his genes, no kindergarten would accept him.

Page 63 Lucy and the detective go to see the professor as the Korea mob follows her to the university. As Lucy explains her knowledge to the professor about the essence of our universe: time, Korea mob arrives. (EVERYTHIMHG IS LOST AS LUCCY AND THE PROFESSORS ARE SURROUNDED BY THE KOREAN MOB)

Page 58 At the supermarket, Ron refuses to eat preservative and forces his police friend to shake Rayon's hand. (EMOTIONAL POINT OF NO RETURN)

Page 89Vincent goes to see the detective and it turns out that they are actually brothers. Vincent’s brother asks him to give up, which aggravates Vincent.

Page 2 Lucy’s boyfriend is trying to convince Lucy to deliver a case to the hotel front desk.

Page 31 Ron meets the transvistite. Although Ron doesn't like him, he ends up playing poker with him and loses money to him. The transvistite also helps him with Ron's muscle cramp although Ron doesn't like to be touched. (EMOTIONAL CHANGE OF PLAN)

Page 59The piano concert ends and only then did we realize that the piano player has twelve fingers. They drive through the tunnel and the detectives are looking for suspects. So Vincent takes off his contacts and refuses to give a saliva sample by claiming that he has just kissed Irene. (RISE OF THE PHYSICAL ANTAGONIST FROM ROMANCE)

It is useless to think by ourselves. We must stand on the shoulder of the giants and try to boost our brain power.

Page 84 Rayon goes to see his father in man's cloth and asks for money. (FINAL PUSH FROM RAYON)

Page 28Vincent continues to learn Jerome’s signature. Jerome has doubts about if Vincent can pull it off because he himself couldn’t be the best with the best genes possible. But Vincent’s desire to fulfill his dream moves Jerome. (THEIR CONVERSATION REVEALS THEIR MOST FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE: CONVICTION)

Page 21 Gaining time is the only purpose of any life form, according to Morgan Freeman. At the same time, Lucy is also gaining time.

Page 110 Ron goes to bullfighting for one last time although he is not feeling well. He lived for seven years after he is diagnosed with HIV.

Page 91The brothers compete with each other again in the sea. During the competition, Vincent’s brother is finally convinced by his achievement and conviction. Once again, Vincent saves his brother.(REITERATE OF THE BEGINNING SCENE, BUT IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONTEXT)

Page 15 Morgan Freeman begins lecture on human brain and talks about how limited our access to our brain.

Page 52 The partners go to San Franscico to start the "DALLAS BUYERS CLUB" at 400 per month as membership fee. Meanwhile, AZT goes on to the market as well at 10,000 per year per patient. (PHYSICAL POINT OF NO RETURN)

Page 17Until one day, he won his brother at swimming, which is the definitive moment of Vincent’s life: (It was one moment that my brother was not as strong as he believed and I was not as weak. And it was the moment that made everything else possible.)

Page 67 Lucy starts to injects all the drugs into her body in order to attain 100% of the brain function. (Lucy is no longer afraid of dying. All she wants is to attain 100% of the brain power) As the Korean mob are busying killing the police, Lucy becomes a super computer and she can transcend time and place. She can now experience the world without any obstacles and like nobody ever before. She can even get in touch with the first female human being Lucy.

Page 6 Ron gets home in his cop friend's car and passes out. The next day, he sells drugs to his friend and talks about not going to Saudi Arabia just because of lack of women. (His serious symptom before the diagnosis)


Page 50 On the airplane, Lucy does her research on two laptops simultaneously and she now can control the mind of other people. Lucy’s cell is choosing immortality until she absorbs large amount of qualities of CPH4.

Page 67 After his lawyers fails to get drugs back, Ron goes to China, Israle and Germany to get drugs. Then he starts to have a debate with Dr. Eve about the proper treatment and how he has tested the drugs on himself before he gives it to others. (HIGHER PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STAKE)


Page 75 The Korea mob finally enters the room where Lucy is experiencing the universe. When the boss finally decides to pull the trigger on Lucy, she attains 100% brain function and disappears. As the boss goes crazy about what happens, the French detective takes the opportunity to kill the boss.

Page 94 Ron writes on the prescription he stole from Eve and get away from the customs. When he comes back, Ron learns that Rayon has died in the hospital and calls the doctor a murderer. (EVERYTHING IS TRULY LOST)

Page 8The female co-worker knows that he is concealing his excitement. Then he discloses the secret to the audience that he doesn’t possess the excellent genes that others think he has. And at the same time, he is looking at a murder scene and tells the audience that he is not who the audience think he is.(EMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR THE PROTAGONIST TO THINK ABOUT HIS PAST)

Page 18 Lucy wakes up in a hotel room with a wound in her stomach. Lucy is then taken to a room where an English guy explains to them their mission of transporting drugs. (CHANGE OF PLAN: becoming a mule)

Page 40 The transvistite is not doing well with AZT, but he is making friend with the female doctor.

Page 80Vincent tells Jerome that the detective is going to his home. So Jerome has no choice but to climb up the stairs with his crippled body so that he can meet the detective and Irene. Irene hides her surprise that who she sees is not Vincent and Jerome takes advantage of the fact that Irene wants to help so that he can kiss her.(FINAL PUSH. HELP FROM BOTH IRENE AND JEROME)

Page 8 Lucy is kidnapped to a hotel room where the boss is torturing a guy. (OPPORTUNITY FOR LUCY: WORST THING POSSIBLE) The boss is a very fearsome and engaging character because he disregards everything and washes his hand on the floor. (Fear is just a symptom of low brain function and being a typical human.)

Page 90 Rayon starts to cough blood and resists going to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ron gets more new medication from the Mexico doctor. He has a moment in the butterfly room as Rayon is dying.

Page 19Vincent tears off his image from the family photo and leaves home to become a cleaning worker for Gattaca. He watches every launch and sits at the workstation when nobody is around. He also steals a heart monitor device from the gym. When he touches the identification device at the door, the beeps at his bad blood. He studies hard and exercises hard. But he needs the excellent blood test as well.

Page 45 After Lucy gives her roommate a Chinese prescription; she goes to the airport where she can now transform her own appearance. She calls a French detective, asking for his help.

Page 41 The Mexico doctor informs Ron that he is improving with the medication that are not available in US. Ron sees a great business opportunity. (PROGRESS)

Page 15How he wants to go to space and the overwhelming obstacles facing him because of the social environment of discrimination. His parents tell him that the only way for him to get on a spaceship is to clean it.

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Page 73 Ron goes to have a date with Eve, bringing a picture of the sunflower that his mother painted. They talk about their past and their lives. (HIGHER STAKES)

Page 100As Vincent is launched to the Mars, Jerome closes himself in the oven and burns himself.

Page 13 Lucy opens the case after extreme caution from the boss.

Page 71 As Ron is helping Rayon with shooting drugs, the IRS comes and starts to audit him. Meanwhile, a lot of protestors are in front of the FDA to demand faster action toward the treatment. (RISE OF THE ANTAGONIST)

Page 22So he hires a man on the black market and he meets Jude Law, who has first-rate gene but is crippled. The black market people make a great introduction of how great his gene is.(CHANGE OF PLAN AS THE PROTAGONIST DOES SOMETHING DRASTIC TO PURSUE HIS GOAL)

Page 60 Lucy arrives at the police station and controls all the Korea mob. She took the dugs from the Korean and there is nothing they can do about it because Lucy can completely control their bodies. She kisses the detective and wants his company because she wants him to remind her what it is like to be human.

Page 24 Ron goes to the support group to get some information brochure but he rejects the friendship from a gay. Then he goes to pray at a strip club where he sees the hospital janitor who starts to steal AZT for him from the hospital.

Page 43The detectives are doing the autopsy of the mission director and they have found Vincent’s invalid DNA. The next day, the detectives discuss the case and their findings of the invalid DNA. Vincent almost has a heart attack when he hears the conversation between the detectives and the director. (RISE OF THE COMPLICATIONS FROM THE MURDER)

Page 23 When Lucy is taken to a prison cell where she is beaten by a bad guy, which results in the breakage of the package in her stomach, which results in the use of 20% of Lucy’s brain. (CHANGE OF PLAN: brain function boosted)

Page 1 Cowboy has sex as he watches the bullfighting in the arena. (THE PROTAGONIST'S FAVORITE TWO THINGS: BULLFIGHTING AND SEX)

Page 5We see the blood identification process at the door of the company and we start to have a clue of what Vincent has been doing. He cleans his desk but puts on new human materials. He talks with mission director that praises his work and tells him his mission in a week.

Page 36 After coming out of the hospital, Lucy goes back to the hotel to question the boss about where the drugs are gone. She can now kill all the bad guys without looking. Lucy is having a breakthrough. She realizes that all of our feelings and ambitions are obstacles created by God to put us enslaved to this life. She puts her hands on the boss’ head and retrieves all the information that she needs. (EMOTIONAL POINT OF NO RETURN: LUCY KNOWS HOW TO GET THE REST OF THE DRUGS, NOT ONLY TO FIGHT CRIME, BUT ALSO TO BOOST HER BRAIN POWER TO 100%)

Page 96 Ron breaks down crying when he is with a prostitute. Ron sells his car in order to help other people. (FINAL PUSH TOWARD SAINTHOOD)

Page 98Unexpected medical exam before the launch and Vincent is convinced that he is going to be exposed. But as the doctor finally tells him the story of his son, he tells Vincent that he has known the truth all along by the way he holds his penis and lets it slid. Vincent is moved beyond words by the unknown support of the doctor.(HUGE SURPRISE THAT MAKES US LOOK AT THE STORY FROM A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE)

Page 40 Lucy goes back to her apartment and her roommates. Lucy is able to predict her roommate’s every move and after she has read all the research of Morgan’s research and called her through all networks available. She explains to the professor that she no longer feels pain, desire (greed) and fear, which are the obstacles of human race. When she asks the professor advice of what to do with the knowledge that she’s accumulated, Morgan encourages her to pass it on. (POINT OF NO RETURN: LUCY CONNECTS WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD AND THE PROFESSOR)

Page 30 Ron wakes up at the hospital again after he is told by the janitor that AZT is gone. The janitor takes all of Ron's money but gives him the information of a Mexico doctor who has drugs. (NEW DESPERATE SITUATION FOR RON)

Page 3He rubs his body, he wears urine bags on his thighs and he pastes false skin with blood on his fingers before he goes to work. (EVERYDAY LIFE TO LAY OUT THE RULES)

Page 86 Rayon realizes that he is dying and he just wants to be pretty. When Rayon gives Ron his life insurance money from his dad, Ron hugs Rayon. (RON'S EMOTIONAL FINAL PUSH)

Page 11How his brother was born by technology and how he is always less than him. Vincent can never beat his brother at swimming.

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Page 48The detective questions Irene and obviously takes an interest in her. Irene confesses to Vincent that she analyzed his DNA and her imperfections. When she offers her hair for him to analyze, he throws it away by claiming that the wind caught it.(EMOTIONAL POINT OF NO RETURN FOR THE ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP: CONNECT BY CONFESSING THE MOST INTIMATE SECRET)

Page 60 The business is booming. But Ron turns away those people who don't have 400 dollars. And he starts to concern about Rayon for getting high.

Page 51Vincent’s invalid photo is posted on everybody’s screen.(PHYSICAL POINT OF NO RETURN: COMPLICATION RIGHT IN THE FACE)Vincent is so freaked out that he flashes away some of the genetic materials and prepares to give up. But Jerome insists on keep going because not only he has worked too hard on this, but also he is confident that the whole group of people has been blinded by the genetic character of a human being instead of the real one.(EMOTIONAL POINT OF NO RETURN: PROTAGONIST RECOVERS FROM THE MAXIMUM COMPLICATION AND FRUSTRATION)

太阳集团2138手机版,Page 70 The supervisor doctor finds that his trial patients are gone. Ron also finds an AIDS girl to have sex with.

Page 61Irene wants to show Vincent something and they have to walk across the street. Although Vincent is almost blind without the contacts, he still gets across anyway. And Irene has found out that Vincent’s eyes are different.(RISE OF THE PHYSICAL ANTAGONIST FROM ROMANCE)

Page 54 The transvestite introduces a homo couple to Ron as new clients. Ron asks them to sign a waiver and explain to them how to survive.

Page 35The director assigns Irene to cooperate with the detectives at her protest of delaying her work. And Vincent’s eyelash has been sucked into the detective’s evidence bag. (HINT OF DANGER: THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MORE COMPLICATED FOR VINCENT BECAUSE OF THE INCIDENCE)

Page 47 Meanwhile, the female doctor starts to realize that AZT is not doing any good for the patients, but her supervisor tries to convince her otherwise. (PROGRESS)

Page 33Vincent explains how everything works and the arrangement between the two of them. We return to the beginning of the movie where Vincent is at the murder scene of the mission director, where he loses one of his eyelashes. (SO THE SCHEME CONTINUES AND WORKS OUT FOR BOTH OF THEM UNTIL THE INCIDENCE)

Page 61 Ron goes to Japan to buy inferon. When the chemical factory refuses to sell it because of the US regulation, Ron has to bribe a Japanese doctor to buy it.

Page 83Although the detective confirms Jerome’s identity from his vein blood, he is not convinced. Just when the detective almost discovers the wheelchair downstairs, he is called back to the station when he is informed that the suspect has been captured.

Page 12 Ron throws a sex and drug party with his cop friend. He passes out again and when he wakes up, he tells his cop friend what a joke his doctors are.


Page 18 After Ron realizes that the diagnosis is right because he has had sex with people who are drug addicts, he goes to meet the female doctor in desperation. He has done research on the HIV drugs all over the world but the doctor says that there is nothing she can do. (NEW DESPERATE SITUATION FOR RON)

Page 55Vincent is going out for a date with Irene and they go to a piano concert. Meanwhile, the detectives are searching for the in-valid Vincent with disagreement of how to search. Jerome is also being screened and he is clever enough to explain his disability.(RISE OF THE PHYSICAL ANTAGONIST FROM THE DETECTIVES)

Page 28 Meanwhile he can't go to work as his friends reject him. But he continues to do drugs and go to the strip clubs.

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Page 2 Ron is a good businessman who convinces others to bet on his cowboy. But when his guy loses, he has to hit his cop friend to get himself off the hook. We can see that he is someone who doesn't play by the rules. (HIS POTENTIAL FOR BREAKING THE STATUS QUO)

Page 85After the detective left, Vincent shows up and tells Irene the truth about himself.

Page 108 Ron loses his case against FDA although the judge is sympathetic towards Ron and disgusted by the FDA. When he comes back home, he is celebrated by his friends for his effort. (EARNING OTHER'S RESPECT)

Page 36Vincent declares to Jerome that he is going to be launched to outer space WITHIN A WEEK. Although Jerome is worried that the cops might complicate things, they celebrate their victory. (CELEBRATION DESPITE THE COMPLICATIONS)

Page 43 Ron goes back to US with a full trunk of medication posing as a priest. He lies convincingly that his life depends on the medication. (COMPLICATION)

Page 64The detective suspects that the murderer is one of the workers. So he suggests drawing blood from the vein of all the workers at Gattaca. So Vincent has no choice but to fake an accident during the drawing of the blood so that he can switch the blood. Vincent asks Irene out as he is leaving in two days. (RISE OF THE PHYSICAL ANTAGONIST FROM THE DETECTIVES)

Page 46 Ron tries to peddle his medication unsuccessfully. (COMPLICATION)

Page 6The doctor who conducts the substance test envies his genes and surprised at his lack of excitement for the mission. He also briefly mentions his son, but doesn’t go into the details.

Page 106 Ron's not feeling comfortable and stands in the middle of the road only to be saved by his cop friend by giving him a shot.

Page 88It turns out that it is the director that was the murderer so that he can live to see the launch of the mission.

Page 10 Ron is told by two doctors that he has HIV virus and has only 30 days to live. But he storms out claiming that he doesn't believe it. (OPPORTUNITY)

Page 96Jerome shows all the samples that Vincent will ever need and admits the inspiration that Vincent has given him. WHEN VINCENT TRIES TO THANK HIM, JEROME SAYS THAT HE GETS THE BETTER PART OF THE DEAL.(REITERATE OF THE BEGINNING SCENE, BUT IN A REVERSAL ATTITUDE)

Page 80 The FDA announces new regulations for the dying patient to make Ron's business illegal. But Ron still won't give up and try to find medication from Europe. (FINAL PUSH from Ron)

Page 26The process of becoming Jerome begins. They start to address Vincent’s issues of myopia and teeth. But the most painful of all is that he needs to undergo the height increase surgery, which shows Vincent’s tremendous resolve to become Jerome. (MONTAGE OF THE PROCESS AND ELABORATION ON THE MOST PAINFUL PART OF THE TRANSFORMATION)

Page 48 The transvistite meets Ron to offer him more clients after negotiation as the tranvestite is very good with people. Ron follows him into a gay bar to get more clients. (EMOTIONAL PROGRESS FOR RON)


Page 56 After the female doctor knows Rayon's extended absence and new address, she goes to visit the buyers club and meet Ron. She is surprised that her patients are now Ron's patients. (RISE OF THE ANTAGONIST)

Page 38Irene takes a hair left by Vincent in his drawer and goes to a DNA checking service where women tests the specimen they got for mate selection. But she is not happy that the result is perfect. Jerome is impressed with Vincent’s achievement and Vincent is worried about the future of Jerome. (IRENE IS INTERESTED IN VINCENT’S DNA. COMPLICATIONS FROM ROMANCE)

Page 16 As Ron is doing research in the library, the doctors are having a meeting with the drug company to conduct AZT drug human trials. Although the female doctor is unhappy about it, the male doctor understands that it's just a business. (NEW SITUATION FOR THE DOCTORS)

太阳集团娱乐2网址2138,Page 1The human tissue falls down onto the ground, but we don’t know what it is until we see our hero Vincent.

Page 101 Ron sues the FDA about their conduct and he goes to crash its party. Eve refuses to resign her job. Ron bonds with Eve talking about his dreams of bullfighting and the meaning of their lives.

Page 95Vincent comes to see Irene again, who is also impressed with his conviction of love after knowing all the truth. And Irene refuses to accept his hair for DNA analysis.(REITERATE OF THE BEGINNING SCENE, BUT IN A REVERSAL ATTITUDE)

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